The Vietnamese authorities on Tuesday urged residents of Hanoi to stop eating dog meat, saying the popular dish tarnished the country's image with foreigners and posed a risk of spreading rabies. Roasted, boiled or cooked at home. Steam, dog meat is sold in the food markets and shops of Hanoi, known for the appetizing preparations that can be bought on the street. This dish is traditionally eaten with rice wine or beer.Preserve Hanoi's reputationThe Hanoi People's Committee has urged residents to abandon dog meat to prevent the spread of rabies and other diseases transmitted by He also called on them to stop eating cat meat, which is less popular than dog meat, but which is still available in rural areas. was to preserve Hanoi's reputation as a "civilized and modern capital" among foreigners. "The trade, murder and consumption of dog and cat meat have caused negative reactions among tourists and expatriates living in Hanoi," the statement said.93 00 dogs and cats in Hanoi In addition, anxious to improve image of the country, the Committee stressed that the killing of these animals was a cruel act and expressed the hope that it will end.There are about 493 00 dogs and cats in Hanoi, the vast majority of which are pets. A thousand shops sell dog meat.Three people have died of rabies in Hanoi since early 2018, while two others have been contaminated, according to official figures. Known for its dishes sold in the street, the capital also offers culinary adventures such as frogs, fertilized duck embryos or stewed turtle meat.


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