Viewers baffled by the ease with which this man wins a million

Donald already knew the tricks of the trade, because he was able to copy from his younger brother who sat in the chair last year. He won half a million at the time, but Donald did just that little bit better. The history teacher was able to easily wrestle through all the questions and the last question was also a piece of cake for him.

The so-called £ 1 million question in the British version of the program was, “Which pirate died in a battle off the coast in 1718, now known as North Carolina?” An easy question for Donald who, as a history teacher, told his students about this battle a few years ago. “I am a man of years,” he declared. The correct answer was Blackbeard.

Viewers and presenter Jeremy Clarkson were baffled by the man’s knowledge. In the episode he only used his 50/50 helpline and he was able to answer all questions effortlessly. “As if you are sitting next to the Internet and the Internet is wearing a pink shirt. An encyclopedia with a mustache.”

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