Viewers Day & Night impressed by the season finale: ‘Haven’t cried so much in ages’

Attention: This article contains spoilers about the season finale of NPO series Day Night.

Wednesday night’s episode shows Ella (played by Kim) dramatically giving birth to her baby boy, whom she and Jerry (Benja) are having. Due to blood loss, the situation threatens to get out of hand, but in the end everything ends up on its feet.

Viewers are very sympathetic to the storyline via Twitter. “Did I yell at my TV and shed a little tear when everything turned out okay? Maybe.’ Someone else writes: ‘Breathless watching. Completely away from the world.’ This viewer reports having had a heart rate of 130 while watching: ‘Screaming at the TV and then crying. (…) What a series.’

Day Night has proved to be a resounding success. An audience of millions is glued to the tube every week, either watching the episode forward or back. Leading players Kim and Benja notice all too well that the series has been well received, because they are regularly called out on the street by loyal fans. RTL Boulevard spoke to both of them about the resounding success:

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2023-05-31 19:35:19