Viewers stunned by weed question Beau in talk show

When Beau starts the conversation with the singer, who currently has a hit with the song ‘Fingers Crossed’ by inquiring about which weed she likes best, she reacts rather surprised to that random question. He doesn’t get an answer, so Beau asks if she smokes weed at all, which Lauren answers firmly with ‘no’. Before her visit to Amsterdam, she didn’t even know what a coffee shop was, she says: she thought it was a sandwich shop. “I kept asking if we could get a sandwich at the coffee shop.”

Not only the singer reacts bewildered to the beginning of the interview, but also the viewers at home. Not Beau asking Lauren Spencer-Smith what her favorite weed is on national TV, also she’s 18!’ writes a viewer. Someone else wonders, ‘Come on Beau, is that really what you want to talk about with such a young Canadian singer? About weed and coffee shops and that everyone smokes weed in Amsterdam?’

Not only does the question cause skewed views in terms of content, but also in terms of language use. ‘You don’t blow† asks Beau Lauren, which means something slightly different in English than in Dutch. Where we mean smoking weed by weed is’blowing‘ sexually charged in the US.

Fellow guest Victoria Koblenko stands up for the Canadian singer. “Did you really say blow?” she asks Beau. “Did you see that look in her eyes? She didn’t know what to say to that poor child.” Viewers can appreciate that: “Awful. I’m so glad Victoria is saying something about it now,” someone tweeted, for example.

Beau is criticized more often, but the presenter can laugh about it himself.