Viki Gabor sang on stage with her mother. Fans impressed. “I did not expect such a performance”

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Viki Gabor, thanks to her victory in the program “The Voice Kids”, appeared on the Polish music scene a few years ago. Later in the career of the young singer, another streak of success followed. The singer repeated the success of Roksana Węgiel at Eurovision Junior in 2019. The artist does not hide her Roma roots. She recently performed at the Romane Dyves Gypsy Music Festival. Her mother accompanied her on stage.

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Viki Gabor sang on stage with her mother. Fans impressed. “I did not expect such a performance”

Gypsy music concerts are very popular in Poland. Recently, the Romane Dyves festival was held. The event is organized under the patronage of Telewizja Polska. Many Polish and Romani artists performed on the stage. One of the biggest stars of the evening was Viki Gabor. The young singer prepared a surprise for the audience and sang a duet with her mother. The ladies performed the song “Shoulder to Shoulder”, which the singer recorded with Kayah. It turned out that the parent of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest winner can boast an impressive voice. The fans were very impressed with Ewelina Gabor’s talent.

Wow I didn’t expect her mom to have such a lovely voice and they both have talent. A wonderful duo.

Oh people, how gorgeous, wow !!! Viki’s mother has a wonderful voice, well Viki is known to be perfect. You can see that the music in the soul is playing wonderfully.

I did not expect such a performance – we read in the comments under the recording of the concert.

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