Viki Szorcsik: If I had given birth to a child, everyone would be without a father

The actress also explained in an interview that she does not see herself as a mother, but never starting a family was her primary goal.


Viktória Szorcsik was a guest of László Palik’s Where Did You Go? in the latest show on. During the conversation, childbearing came up, among other things. And the actress explained honestly that she had no big plans to start a family so far.

“I’m 43 years old, I don’t have a child yet. If I want to start a family now and now, let’s say I’m pregnant, I’ll have a baby in a year. I’ll be 44 in twenty years. I’ve never seen it before.I’ve never been a great family founder, living in such a spirit.I’ve been with someone until I had a good time and we had a great time together, but I didn’t have such big plans with anyone to want the ring, let’s put on the wedding dress. my destiny, and I don’t think they’re stuffing me from above “

said Viki Szorcsik honestly. He also added that although he came from a classic family, he feels he can no longer accomplish this. Viki also talked about greatly appreciating her parents who have dedicated their lives to their children, but she wouldn’t be able to do that anymore.

“I couldn’t imagine raising three children, no matter how bad it sounds, I would be more selfish. I couldn’t give enough attention to all three to be satisfied.”

said the actress.

“If I had already given birth to a child, everyone would have been without a father, because everyone would have been abducted.”

he remarked during the conversation. And when asked if he hadn’t stayed with anyone because of a child, he explained that he wasn’t the type. Although he sees a lot of examples of this, he doesn’t think it’s good for the kid either.

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