Viktor Király’s marriage may finally be over

A quote about difficult decisions appeared on Anita Virág’s page, which talks about the need to get rid of things in life that are “harmful, hold you back, overwhelm you, and torment you.” It really looks like the couple has failed to save their marriage and wants to end the relationship with the singer.

The marriage of Anita Virág and Viktor Király has been in crisis for some time. Viktor married his love in January 2020, and a few months later, with the arrival of Kolen, they became a real family. At the beginning of 2023, speculations about the couple’s marriage crisis began. The first thing that fans noticed was that they no longer shared common content on their social media pages, even though love posts were common before.

Source: Anita Virág/Instagram

Although Viktor initially denied that there was any problem between them, he later admitted that his marriage was indeed in crisis. At the time, he said that they continue to spend a lot of time as a threesome and do everything to save their relationship: they organized joint dates and even went on a romantic vacation to Istanbul as a couple.

Anita and Viktor – according to our latest information – have been fighting for their relationship ever since, but they still haven’t managed to come to a decision, they live separately. The singer also confirmed that even after all this time, they did not completely let go of each other’s hands.

Source: Anita Király-Virág’s Instagram

Anita Virág shared a telling quote in her Instagram story, which is available for 24 hours, which may even indicate that she is preparing to end her marriage with Viktor Király once and for all:

Clean out of your life everything that is harmful, pulls you back, dominates you, and torments you. It’s important to put things in their place, you know, like tidying up. To know who and what place they occupy in your life.. What is needed.. and what has become redundant. It may be painful and you may shed tears when you throw out a broken re-glued thing with one movement (because you trusted that it would be the same) and it may even happen that you reach for it “just in case”… Don’t deceive yourself. What is broken will never be the same again. The cracks are visible and will always be there – whether you see it or not,” Blikk deleted the text.

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2023-05-25 07:01:00