Viktor Orbán reported live on the latest government action

The Prime Minister of Kossuth Radio Good morning, Hungary! said.

The Prime Minister of Kossuth Radio Good morning, Hungary! said.

Viktor Orbán started by saying that Hungary has an advantage of one and a half to two months over other EU countries in terms of vaccinations, is concerned that 3 million people have not yet been vaccinated.

The vaccine saved lives

Anyone who is not vaccinated will find the virus. No one should sit up for this summer mood said the prime minister.

He added: Anyone who has been vaccinated is, to the best of their knowledge, protected against virus variants.

Anti – pedophile law

The Prime Minister said about the anti-pedophile law, everyone should read it. It does not apply to people over the age of 18 from the outset, and we do not want to pass a law that applies to people over the age of 18. This law is about protecting children, and the sexual upbringing of children is the sole responsibility of the parent.

He added, 18 years would have to wait and then everyone could decide what they wanted to do. The school and the state must respect the rights of parents.


According to Viktor Orbán, measures restricting the flexibility of the economy are not good.

We are now able to sell food and industrial products cheaper and of better quality than our competitors, from which the country lives. What reduces this ability is that it degrades our competitiveness, so we will live worsehe said.

He said changing the current tax system will lead to a deterioration in living standards. It is a difficult situation to restore the former character of life.

Liberals say we need to build up reserves now, but I do not agree with that. No need to reserve now

said Viktor Orbán.


The prime minister said migration will also be a topic at next week’s EU summit.

Migratory pressures have increased enormously, with mandatory takeovers again. Migration is a bad thing, and its basic idea is a bad thing. Migration cannot be ruled out, but it is not a solution to attract them here, but to return to their homes as soon as possible. Countries of origin need help he said.

The EU has different ideas, so there will be a debate. The other big topic will be climate protection.

In our opinion, climate destroyers have to pay the costs he added.



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