Viktor Orbán: “We have a bad day”

Viktor Orbán: “We have a bad day”

We are having a bad day – said Viktor Orbán in an interview after the Puskás Academy said goodbye to the Europa Conference League with a double defeat. Experts interviewed by ATV News consider that the money invested in football and the results achieved are disproportionate.

“We did it for 14 years, until we finally succeeded once,” Viktor Orbán reacted after the U17 age group of the Puskás Academy won the final of the 14th Puskás-Suzuki Cup.

However, the NB I team has been less excellent. In the qualifiers of the Europa Conference League, the Puskás Academy was knocked out by the Latvian Rigas 2-0 at first away and then 2-0 at home, so they were knocked out by 5 goals.

The Prime Minister was less satisfied with this result. He said in an interview with M4 Sport, when the players wished him a good day, he replied, “What a good day? We all have a bad day.”

The professional journalist of considers that Orbán’s reaction was justified: In the case of Hungarian club teams, the size of these staff in terms of video analysis, physiological preparation, and the medical staff, and in the same way in the youth, is obviously a very spectacular development compared to 2010, “the expert told ATV Híradó.

János Kele emphasized that it also raises questions as to whether the mentioned infrastructure is in proportion to the larger volume of international performance. In a article last year, collected what was realized from the program entitled The Strategy of Hungarian Football, published by the Hungarian Football Association in 2011.

Among other things, it can be seen that in 2010, in NB I, on average, only 2,800 people bought tickets per match, which according to the strategy the MLSZ wanted to raise to over 6,000 spectators by 2016 and 8,000 by 2018. By 2020, this number has been raised to 3314, which is an increase of almost 20 percent, but it is not even close to the set goal.

The last 10 years have brought visible successes and results to Hungarian football, especially in the last few years.

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Mfor has also done a similar analysis, which also reveals they have been shopping from foreign players recently.

“Viktor Orbán’s goal was also to be a regular player in the international cups, this has been achieved in the last few years, but with a lot of foreign players and older players. This can again be related to the success of youth education, to create the background, the base, but rather bought foreign players who are considered a reinforcement and thanks to this they were able to achieve a faster and more spectacular success, “- he said.

The journalist added that in terms of the available resources – which, according to him, reaches 60-80 billion forints at the Academy in Felcsút – these results can be called less successful.

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