Viktor Proskurin died of the same lung disease that George Danelia and Oleg Efremov

Honored Artist Dies at the 69th Year of Life at a Moscow Hospital on June 30 Of Russia Viktor Proskurin.

This was reported on Facebook by his wife Irina Honda. “I’m still in shock. All is unexpected. Like any death, ”she wrote.

Victor Fans Proskurina immediately responded and remembered his wonderful work in the cinema: the dream man – border guard officer Alexander Blinova from “Marry the Captain”, a two-year student from the school of working youth Genka Lyapishev from “Big Change”, the enterprising merchant Vasily Vozhevatova – “The Cruel Romance,” the Sholto twin brothers from the television movie Treasures Agra“. And dozens of other wonderful roles played by this characteristic, unforgettable, charismatic actor. As readers wrote in their responses “KP“:” Now there are practically no such actors who can be recognized by only one vote. “His kind mustached smile with a squint will forever remain in our memory.”

We called his wife Irina Honda to express not only our condolences, but also words of support from all readers of Komsomolskaya Pravda. So what happened to loved actor, why his death, even for loved ones, was unexpected?

– Viti had a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – COPD. George had the same disease DaneliiOleg EfremovaIgor Kvashi. There was another attack. Vitya was taken to the hospital. He died there yesterday. I’m not a doctor, I can’t say why COPD appears. It is believed that one of the reasons is smoking.

We called his wife Irina Honda to express our condolences as well as words of support. Photo: EAST NEWS

We called his wife Irina Honda to express not only our condolences, but also words of supportPhoto: EAST NEWS

– Viktor Alekseevich also had oncology. He did not hide.

“He really had oncology, but that’s not the cause of death.” COPD is such an insidious disease in which there is an irreversible process. When the lungs shrink like shagreen skin, and the person has nothing to breathe. The process is increasing.

“Moreover, because of the coronavirus, he was at risk — with patients with lungs.”

– He did not have a coronavirus. But, when he was taken to the hospital immediately from the emergency room, I did not wait in line, he was sent to a ventilator (mechanical ventilation – Ed.). He was pumped in the hospital and saved his life for some time. That is why what happened yesterday was a surprise to me. I thought they would save him this time, too, although I understood that someday this would happen, because an irreversible process was going on.

– I saw his last interviews. It was noticeable how from the brave captain border guard Blinov over the years he became a philosopher.

– Exactly. Recently, he watched TV, turning off the sound. I was always surprised at this. He said: I want to understand how not to play. Like, artist N has only 3-4 stamps, and Innocent Smoktunovsky there were 367 stamps.

Vitya suffered almost physically when a famous German director suggested he play the role of 70-year-old Romeo in the theater. There, in the story, Romeo went crazy and got into a mental hospital. In a madhouse in a vision, Juliet comes to him. Vitya was indignant: where everything rolls, what happens to people, to the theater? He was often shocked by the manifestations of “contemporary art.” We decided with him: we will not participate in the “affairs of the Dragon.” Let the world go crazy, and we will communicate with those who remain.

On June 30, Viktor Proskurin, Honored Artist of Russia, died at the 69th year of his life in a Moscow hospital Photo: Anatoly MELIKHOV

On June 30, at the 69th year of his life, Viktor Proskurin, Honored Artist of Russia, died in a Moscow hospitalPhoto: Anatoly MELIKHOV

– Victor Proskurin was a man with a complex character …

– We had clashes with him, including on professional grounds. No wonder when the wife is a producer, agent and director all rolled into one. Not every man can digest it. But he trusted my taste, my style, understood that I was a diplomat and I had no problem quarreling with someone and brandishing a saber.

– He did not suffer because of his lack of demand in recent years?

– He was in demand! Filmed constantly. He played a lot in the series. In The Snoop, for example. There were 2-3 films a year or more. Another question, where did this movie go then? A couple years ago, he starred in 5-6 films per season.

– Once upon a time he had problems with alcohol, and this seems to have prevented his acting career from developing …

“I’m tired of answering these questions.” I even gave an interview on this topic, said that my husband with alcohol has all ended long ago. Once upon a time there were problems, but in a domestic way. He did not interrupt work and shooting. He did not have any resonant, alcoholic stories. And all that was happening inside the family. All of his “addictions” reflected on his health, and not on his behavior and, all the more, his work.

I really wanted the readers of KP, who love actor Viktor Proskurin, to remember him and to review his films. His main claim to our life was that everyone was in a hurry, flickering, arranged a circus from life with a vertical run. He suffered from this smallness, running around in circles.

The actor of theater, cinema and dubbing Victor Proskurin died.


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