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Just over a year ago, in May last year, King Viktor and Flower Anita’s little son, Kolen, were born. The singer gave an interview on paternity to Bors on this occasion.

King Viktor feels like a good parent, and since his son was born, he has been even more careful:

Anita, my wife named me para papa. Because I chew on myself several times about everything related to the child. I don’t think my personality would have changed much in my fatherhood, I had caution and a sense of responsibility even before Kolen arrived. But now that he’s here, it’s intensified

Said Viktor King, 37, who deliberately postponed the time of having children because he thinks he would have been immature in his fatherhood at the age of 20.

The singer spends a lot of time with her son, Kolen took her maximum share of the activities around the child until she was six months old, and her partner could count on her during anesthesia, bathing, diapering and feeding. Then the little boy became very motherly, so Viktor wants to put her to sleep in vain, she wants her mom.

Of course, the birth of the child also affected the relationship between the singer and his wife. In the past, they could make big things big, but now it’s less typical of them. They both work in a home office, so they’re together almost 24 hours a day, but sometimes they organize their own programs to be a little special. They also make sure they have dates together, in which case one of the grandparents takes care of Kolen.

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To the question of whether Kolen would have a little brother, the singer replied: “It’s perfect for us now in a threesome. Our little boy conceived spontaneously, and when the time comes, his brother will come to us too. ”

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