Villa took Coutinho; Huge damage to Barça

Aston Villa received the testimonial of Philippe Coutinho on loan from Barcelona. Villa used a 20 million Euro purchase option for Coutinho, who joined the English team during the interim transfer period.

The 29-year-old player, who was transferred to Barcelona for 135 million Euros, was loaned to Bayern Munich in 2019 when he could not show the desired performance in the Spanish team. The Brazilian, who could not be permanent in the German team, went to Aston Villa after Steven Gerrard’s arrival as coach, where he performed 4 goals and 3 assists in 16 games.

Aston Villa has signed a contract with Coutinho until 2026. While the Bordeaux Blues added Coutinho, who went to Barcelona for 135 million Euros, to their colors for only 20 million Euros; The Brazilian, whom he added to his squad with great hopes, caused significant damage to Barcelona.