Village Minister: The Key to Village Fund Assistance is Data

Jember ( – Village Minister Abdul Halim Iskandar hopes Regent Hendy Siswanto oversees the use of village funds in Jember Regency, East Java, so that it is in line with the national development strategy and regional development strategy.

“I’m sure it goes hand in hand, because in all villages there must be poverty, stunting, the need to increase welfare for economic growth. Village funds are used for economic growth and improving human resources,” said Halim, after meeting with the Regent Hendy Siswanto at the Wahyawibawagraha Pendapa Jember, Saturday (26/6/2021) night.

“If this is consolidated by the Regent and then accompanied by the APBD, I am sure it will be much more effective than being left alone. The key to assistance is data,” said Halim.

“When the data is complete, the Regent knows exactly where the highest poverty map is, how is the right treatment, where is the highest stunting map, where the potential for good economic growth is, village funds are optimized, then accompanied by the APBD, there will definitely be acceleration,” he added. Halim.

According to Halim, data collection on Sustainable Development Goals in the village has been going well. “Hopefully it will be finished soon, so that the Regent will be able to map out which village groups really need intervention, based on village SDGs data, in addition to the maximum utilization of village funds,” he said. [wir/suf]