Village of Challerange, November 1918. Entry of the French into Strasbourg: the parade of troops in front of the crowd.


Detailed description of the rushes:

– In Challerange (Ardennes, 11/16/1918), the troops of the 1st American Army have just entered the village completely destroyed by the fighting, filmed in a panoramic shot of the houses and the church in ruins. At the train station, a group of American and French officers is filmed in two panoramic shots on the platform.

– In Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin, 11/21/1918), in front of the old imperial palace, the crowd gathered to watch the entry of the French troops. On the esplanade, women and children have put on their traditional Alsatian costume and greet the camera with big smiles. Alsatian women are filmed in close-up showing their headdresses adorned with a cockade and their scarves on which are pinned small American flags; they pose alongside a soldier smoking a cigarette. A little girl walks by, wearing a muff. The crowd is filmed from behind, facing the palace. In front of the ramparts, a cavalry regiment enters the city through one of the fortified gates. In front of the imperial palace, the French troops parade in music in front of General Gouraud and an official platform. Infantry, cavalry and artillery take part in the parade, first filmed at human height, then from above, to the cheers of the crowd.

Note: operators report n ° 1917 (Chaix operator). The operator’s report mentions the arrival of Marshal Pétain in an automobile, absent from the images.
See the SPA 89 Y photo report by Ernest Baguet (Strasbourg) and SPA 226 H by Frédéric Gadmer (Challerange).

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