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Villagers slaughter nearly 300 crocodiles in "revenge" for  Death of the man in Indonesia

Indonesian villagers were brutally killing close to 300 crocodiles after a man was killed on a breeding farm, authorities have said.

Armed with knives, hammers and clubs, villagers reportedly killed 292 of the animals after the man was attacked after entering the farm.

The 48-year-old victim has probably harvested grass for pet food when he was killed, according to Indonesia's Natural Conservation Agency.

Images released by local media show bloody animal carcasses piled high in the Sorong district of West Papua province.

"An employee heard someone shouting for help, he went there quickly and saw a crocodile attacking someone," said Bazar Manullang, head of the Agency for the Conservation of Natural Resources.

After the victim's funeral on Saturday, the villagers entered the farm and killed all the crocodiles, he added.

Local media claim that the villagers first attacked the crocodile farm and then descended onto the animals.

The farm was licensed in 2013 to breed the protected species of saltwater and New Guinea crocodiles for conservation purposes and to harvest some of the animals.

Aber eine der Bedingungen war, dass die Reptilien die Gemeinschaft nicht störten, sagte Herr Manullang.

“Damit dies nicht wieder passiert, müssen die Inhaber landwirtschaftlicher Betriebe die umliegenden Gebiete sichern”, erklärte er.

“Krokodile sind Gottes Geschöpfe, die auch geschützt werden müssen.”

Die Agentur für die Erhaltung der natürlichen Ressourcen sagte, dass sie sich mit den Polizeibemühungen abstimmte, um den Vorfall zu untersuchen.

Zusätzliche Berichterstattung von Reuters


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