Villavicencio invites assembly members to donate 50% of their salary

After the strong 6.6 magnitude earthquake that shook Ecuador this Saturday, the president of the Oversight Commission, legislator Fernando Villavicencio, calls for the solidarity of legislators and other State authorities.

“In difficult times, solidarity becomes urgent. It’s not much, but it will help,” Villavicencio said on his Twitter account. “I call on legislators to donate 50% of their salary and I invite the other State authorities to join this crusade. Let solidarity go beyond a text on networks.”

The number of deaths from the earthquake remains at 14, but the number of injured has been updated with the passing of the hours. According to the Government report, 446 people were injured after this strong earthquake on Saturday.

The most affected province is El Oro, where 415 people are injured. In Guayas, the number of injured is 29. In the latter province, several houses collapsed in Pasaje and Machala, leaving dozens of people trapped.

Given this situation, Villavicencio’s call for solidarity is essential so that the authorities can support the people affected by this natural disaster. Aid must not only be supportive, but also effective and concrete in order to overcome this situation.