Villeneuve-sur-Lot : put it on the obese to stay healthy

Villeneuve-sur-Lot : put it on the obese to stay healthy


The wind of the shot, nobody has forgotten that. Two and a half years after the mobilization of personnel and elected officials to prevent the closure of the dry service follow-up Care and rehabilitation (SSR) of the small hospital of Penne-d’agenais, the fears are not permanently lifted. “Our only way out was to find a doctor and we did, recalls Arnaud Devilliers, mayor of the commune and the chairman of the supervisory board of the institution. It has enabled the service to be preserved for five years. But the cutting torch is passed so ready the first time we are told it will not pass twice… “

In September 2016, the institution has responded, fléchant 10 of its 30 beds for the SSR’s to a new specificity : the management and support of patients with metabolic disorders and nutrition : under-nutrition, but obesity. After one year of activity, 1 000 days of hospitalization and complete 500 in-patient day are accounted for. “We receive requests every day, provides the Doctor Castéra, hospital setting. The strength of this experience, we want to push the stopper. “

Double capacity

The property, led by Sandrine Bernard, addressed to the regional Agency of health (ARS) a request to obtain a specialization in the care of disorders related to nutrition. A cap that is higher than the junction current, which merely authorizes, and which would accompany a doubling of its capacity. “There is a too large supply of SSR versatile on the territory. We try to invest in a niche, ” says Sandrine Bernard. Ten of the thirty beds in the service would thus be reserved exclusively for its patients with disorders related to nutrition. “This specialization would be complementary to, upstream, or downstream, of the bariatric surgery practice at the centre of health of the Villeneuvois (PSV) and is part of a real territory project that would involve the restaurants of the town, the bed… “, continues Arnaud Devilliers.

” This would distinguish the SSR of Penne, which is located in the middle of the territorial project of health, in connection with the medicine of city and responding to the needs targeted by the LRA “, argues Bruno Chauvin, director of the hospital centre of PSV. In the end, the proponents of the project hope that the SSR pennois will be identified as can be Beaumont-de-Lomagne for the rehabilitation post-cardiac surgery.

” there is too much supply for the SSR’s versatile in the territory. We try to invest in a niche “

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