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Villiers-sur-Marne: fewer trucks on the roads thanks to the waste train of the Grand Paris Express

Jacques-Alain Bénisti, the mayor (LR) of Villiers, finally holds it, his photo of the train full of garbage of the Grand Paris Express (GPE). In June, the elected had to resolve to postpone the inauguration of the terminal branched installation (ITE), a platform for sorting and evacuating by rail excavated land on the site of the future station Bry-Villiers -Champigny, on line 15 South of the GPE. She is expected for 2025.

Officially, no train was available for the shot. Unofficially, the tension between the local elected officials and the Société du Grand Paris (SGP) on the fate of interoperability – finally maintained on June 25 – pushed everyone to favor a day more conducive to smiles.

Since then, everything has returned to normal: the ITE was inaugurated this Thursday evening, in the presence of the boss of the SGP (Thierry Dallard) and many elected officials.

"Take the trucks out of everyday life"

The opportunity for Jacques-Alain Bénisti to tell the "genesis" of the project to 18 million euros, obtained "after a long struggle": "Initially, the SGP told me that there would be 400 to 500 trucks per day in my city during the works. It was not possible! I was ready to take orders if needed. So I suggested they take the railway of the small belt, nearby, that the SNCF uses for freight. "

LP / Computer Graphics
LP / Computer Graphics

A proposal accepted by the SGP, owner of the supermétro. Since the ITE, two to three trains will therefore leave daily, each ballasted about 600 t of waste, sorted upstream and loaded on specific wagons. Direction then Le Plessis-Belleville (Oise), before joining (in trucks!) A storage site in Seine-et-Marne.

"The first objective was to develop an alternative evacuation strategy to the road," explains Deniz Boy, territorial manager of the SGP for Val-de-Marne. The Grand Paris Express is 45 million tons of rubble. It's enormous. It is necessary to leave the trucks as much as possible from the daily roads. According to the SGP, 23,000 t of rubble has already been removed by train since ITE was commissioned in April.

"More than a thousand tons will go by train every day," insists Jacques-Alain Bénisti. It's still not bad. But not enough! Eventually, up to 30% of the site's waste (station, tunnel and future maintenance site) will continue to hit the road with heavy goods vehicles, via the A4 motorway and the ramp specially designed for GPE.


SGP expects nearly 45 million t of excavated material to be removed from its worksites by 2030, when the future supermétro lines will come into service. A colossal load that is reflected, near most sites under construction, by endless ballet trucks.

"That's why we want to evacuate at least 15% of our waste by river," says Deniz Boy, territorial manager of the SGP in the Val-de-Marne. That would remove 240,000 trucks from our roads. "

In the department, the development of the railway platform in Villiers (total cost: € 30 million with the GPE motorway junction) is not the only initiative to "relieve the domestic journeys of the inhabitants of the areas concerned" .

In Vitry, river barges will carry the land excavated by the two tunnel boring machines of the Arrighi well on the Seine. From the Jules-Guesde wharf, each boat will be able to take 2,500 t of excavated material, the equivalent of 200 trucks. The same device was installed at the port of Bonneuil, from where mainly waste will leave the site of the station Créteil-l'Echat.


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