Villorrio 108: The new audio series that will premiere on Spotify on April 28

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The behavior of the public and audiences is in constant transformation, especially in the context of a pandemic. Undoubtedly today this change has led us to increase the creation and broadcast of podcasts, which is reflected in the nearly 20 million people who listen to audio in this format in Latin America.

Starting Wednesday, April 28, a new audio series will be available on Spotify. It is “Villorrio 108, the symphony of noise” a suspense story starring the actresses, Ximena Rivas; Marcela Robles and actors Daniel Álvarez, David Gaete, and Gabriel Oro Leyton; financed by the Municipal Cultural Corporation of Ovalle (CCMO) under a co-production of the Municipal Theater of Ovalle (TMO) and Jaus Prollekt.

Since the end of 2020, this idea and the writing of the script by the director of Villorrio, Gabriel Oro Leyton, together with Álvarez and Gaete and with the advice of the outstanding playwright, Carla Zúñiga, which resulted in this series , of 10 chapters set in a suburban neighborhood of Chile, which tells the story of Pablo, a 17-year-old teenager, who lives with his older brother, Víctor, and his aunt, Ema, in an old house in the popular Villorrio 108 , where every night, the noises invade the family home: the ceiling, the wood of the floor, the pounding of the windows or the creaking of the staircase, which have become part of the routine.

The audio series

Chapter by chapter this production will introduce us to the strange events that arise after Pablo begins to hear sounds that are not produced by the house, and that, apparently, they want to deliver an important message, breaking his daily life and embarking him on a journey unique and magical soundtrack, which will reveal the secrets of their family history and the most hidden mysteries of Villorrio 108.

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The executive director of the CCMO, Ifman Huerta Saavedra, highlighted the importance that “this project allows us to continue working hand in hand with local artists, assuming a national team as well; and have a billboard for our audiences with themes relevant to our territory, and that through Spotify we will be able to project nationally and internationally ”.

The work has been intense for the actors, especially in the confined condition in which we find ourselves. However, the zoom platform was the meeting point for the long-distance development of the rehearsals prior to the recording of the series, which took place at the Municipal Theater of Ovalle in three intensive days and subsequent mixing and mastering by Michael Ojeda.

The actress, Ximena Rivas, stated that she was very happy that these formats, which recall a work that “I personally developed a long time ago”, have again been opened, referring to her participation in Radiotanda. “It is exciting to be in Ovalle and to be able to share experiences with actors and artists from other regions, despite the fact that we had to make the recordings while keeping a distance and with all the security measures, it is always nice to be able to meet again in person.”

He also highlighted that Villorrio 108 “will allow us, through its sound atmosphere (supported by the musicalization and sound design of Diego Betancourt), to awaken the imagery and follow the story that begins with a simple anecdote of a family that lives in a peripheral sector of the city and in which various themes intersect such as changing the paradigm of care and protection of nature, water scarcity and drought, as well as all the rethinking of our way of life ”.

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“It has been a collaborative process, in which we have been learning together and in which we have had the advice of Ximena –with her vast experience in radio theater- and Carla Zúñiga to generate an interesting and attractive script for the audience; in addition to the support of the TMO that has sheltered us so that this project can come out soon “said Oro Leyton, who extended the invitation so that as of Wednesday, April 28 at 8:00 p.m. the auditors connect to Spotify and continue the week to week the premiere of a new chapter of this intriguing and exciting story, which “will catch you and want to discover what really happens in this house.”



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