Vilmányi Benett refused the Junior Prima award because he was asked not to politicize his speech before the presentation

The actor was angered by the request.

On Tuesday evening, the Junior Prima awards were presented in the theatre, film and dance category and the accompanying cash prize to the five artists under the age of thirty who perform outstandingly among the best in their age group. He was among them Vilmányi Benett also, about whom Színház Online wrote that he thanked the recognition when he stepped on stage, but did not accept the award citing his personal views.

Telex asked the actor about the incident, and he said that he did not originally plan to refuse the award, but it angered him so much that he was asked not to politicize his speech before the presentation, so he did so anyway. He told the newspaper that he arrived at the award ceremony at the last minute, and was very touched that they immediately approached him and asked him emphatically not to politicize his speech. The two fixed sentences he was about to say were not free from politics, because in his opinion it is difficult to write without politics, no matter what kind of art it is. Vilmányi was the first to be called among the winners, so he didn’t even have time to calm down in the ten minutes that passed between the request and the handover. Finally, he gave an angry speech in which he talked about the connection between politics and culture and announced that he would give up the award despite working for little money. According to Vilmányi, there would have been a more dignified way of doing it, but he did not regret the gesture and will not accept the award afterwards.

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