Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey: It’s about love (crazy) at the beach …


Vincent Cassel is a fulfilled and fulfilled man. After being one of the favorite targets of the photographers of the time of his wedding with Monica Bellucci , it’s today him who exposes his love life Instagram posts. And the beautiful Italian is no longer part …

A week ago, the 51-year-old French actor published a picture arm in arm with his young darling , whom he was humorous enough to celebrate the 21st birthday a few days ago, expressing his happiness at seeing Tina being finally ” major and vaccinated ” while he is 30 years older than she is. But when we love, we do not count, do we?
April 14, while the comedian waited in Black River this summer published a picture of him as radiant as possible (” Smiles are viral “(he wrote in legend), his model girlfriend posted a video of her couple, and we can see the two lovebirds teasing each other lovingly on a beach in Bahia, Brazil, all filmed in slow motion by a third person.” … My love “, just wrote the sculptural young woman, obviously also filled.What more could you ask!


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