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  • Vincent Kompany scored the winning goal for Manchester City from 25 yards – the masterpiece is now very close.
  • He has already scored some equally important goals for his club.
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In 2014, the second half of the last matchday was less than five minutes old, when Manchester City's Edin Dzeko headed up a corner and hit the ball with the back of the ball just inadvertently. There stood his captain, Vincent Kompany, and squeezed the ball over the line. It was the hit that brought ManCity the championship – and Kompany mingled with the collective ecstasy. In big strides he stormed towards the corner flag, jumped in the air, sank to his knees and was buried among his teammates.

There are two reasons why this story of a center-back will be revived five years later. For one thing, Manchester's only remaining rival in the championship was Liverpool then and now. On the other hand, Kompany scored again a great goal: the 1-0 on Monday evening against Leicester, after the ManCity next Sunday will probably be champion.

When Kompany moved to the Skyblues from Hamburger SV in 2008 as a 22-year-old, he was the first big name to follow in the following years, many more big and bigger names (committed with many millions of pounds). What Kompany saw in ManCity back then, who knows? What the club saw in him is more well-known: physical presence, tackling strength, strength of the ball and leadership qualities. What they certainly should not have gotten him for, are his long shot qualities.

"Do not shoot," some shouted as Kompany pulled away

But Kompany received the ball on Monday night, about ten meters behind the center line, ran a few meters – and pulled off unconscious from 25 meters. You could already understand the defense of Leicester City: Kompany had scored for his club yet, not a single goal out of the game, only by standards, he was successful. It was a calculated risk to let Kompany run and shoot.

But a few seconds later, the ball hit the net – as if the DJ in the upper right Kreuzeck a song. Manchester's captain was on his way to the corner flag immediately. Once again, the audience rested, again Kompany was buried among his teammates. "That was an incredible goal," whispered his coach Pep Guardiola, who is thus just before his second league title in England. "What a shot, if one deserves, then he", also rejoiced team-mate Bernado Silva.

Of course, there are differences to the score five years ago – although both goals were and are of equal importance for Manchester City. The captain's delight was not unbelievable this time – he wanted to achieve this goal just as well, a footballer can hardly shoot from a distance, and even if Kaspar Schmeichel had suddenly learned to fly – the Leicester goalkeeper would not have come to this ball. "I heard before the shot, some shout me 'Do not shoot'," Kompany later told himself, "but I have not been playing football for so long, letting young players tell me when to try. "

He smiled: "I sometimes do such goals in training and I always said: Once I try it in the game and then I meet and you will be very happy." Kompany also has to wait another week after his goal in 2019, before the proper celebrations can begin. On Sunday, City meets Brighton & Hove Albion, the seventeenth-placed side, while Liverpool play parallel to Wolverhampton, but are one point behind. Kompanys Wuchtschuss felt at least like a preliminary decision.

Anyone holding it with Liverpool may not see in the hit everyone is talking about anymore than a center-back who got a Sunday shot – at the worst possible time. However, those who hold it with Manchester, sees a player who meets again and again in the deciding games, so also in 2018 in the League Cup final at 3-0 against Arsenal. A player who has been able to lift a trophy after each of his important goals so far.

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