Vintage cars are on the road in Baden-Württemberg – dpa

GVintage car fans can easily get their money’s worth in several places in Baden-Württemberg these days. At the “ADAC Heidelberg Historic” rally, for example, models from the pre-war days are expected again. On Friday and Saturday, the 530-kilometre route runs right through northern Baden-Württemberg. The Sinsheim Technology Museum (Rhein-Neckar district) starts and finishes for around 180 vintage cars. The models are presented to interested parties at individual stations. A rally break is planned around Friday (2.30 p.m.) at Heidelberg Castle.

Also from Friday, the 45th International Classic Car Meeting Baden-Baden will take place throughout the weekend. All vehicles up to the year of manufacture 1975 are permitted. A jury made up of automobile designers and engineers, among others, evaluates the more than 350 vehicles in the Kurpark and Kaiserallee. 120 prizes for categories such as condition, originality or beauty are awarded.