Viola Davis, Reese Witherspoon, Paul Feig and more Hollywood stars say goodbye to Raquel Welch

The actress Raquel Welch, protagonist of titles such as ‘A million years ago’ or ‘Fantastic Journey’, has died at the age of 82, as confirmed by her son Damon. Faced with the sad news, Several interpreters, both former colleagues and not, have spoken about the death of said actress and have dedicated a few words to her. Among different names, we find those of Viola Davis, Reese Witherspoon, Paul Feig and Eugenio Derbez.

Witherspoon, who shared the screen with her in ‘Legally Blonde’, has publicly said goodbye to Welch through her Twitter account: “I was very saddened to learn of the death of Raquel Welch. I loved working with her on ‘Legally Blonde.’ She was classy, ​​professional, and glamorous beyond belief. Simply amazing. May all her angels take her home. Sending love to her family and her many fans.”writes the actress.

His partner in the sitcom ‘Sabrina, things of witches’, Paul Feig, where Welch played Vesta Spellman, has also gone to the same social network to mourn the death of a “true icon”: “This is so sad. I had the great pleasure of working with Ms. Welch on ‘Sabrina the Witch’ and she was amazing. Kind, funny and a true superstar who I had quite a crush on for most of my childhood. We have lost a true icon.”

Viola Davis (‘How to defend a murderer’) has not gotten to work with her, but she still wanted to say goodbye through her Instagram account with the publication of a video of Welch singing ‘I’m a Woman’ along with Cher. “It was such a pleasure meeting you! You didn’t age to me… iconic… Rest well Raquel Welch!”says the caption of the video.

For his part, Eugenio Derbez, who worked with Welch on the actress’s latest film, ‘How to be a Latin Lover’, has written a Twitter: “Rest in peace, Raquel Welch. I am deeply sorry for your loss. He conquered not only Hollywood, but everyone’s hearts. I had the privilege of working with her on what would end up being her last film ‘How to be a Latin Lover. D.E.P”.

A brief message, but full of admiration, has been dedicated by the actor Lorenzo Lamas to Welch: “Dad and Raquel on the set of ‘100 Rifles’. The compendium of class, beauty and empowerment. DEP”.

Even The Muppets

Raquel Welch was from time to time a much-loved guest on ‘The Muppet Show’, so the official Muppets account has also said goodbye to what they say is one of “his favorite guests”: “We will never forget our amazing friend Raquel Welch, one of our favorite guests on ‘The Muppet Show. Dance with a giant spider, inspire Fozzie the bear, and duet with Miss Piggy, Raquel could do it all!”

Related to the above, Miss Peggy’s Twitter profile has dedicated a few words to her: “Raquel Welch was one of the most wonderful people I have ever worked with. Doing a duet with her on ‘The Muppet Show’ helped make me the woman I am today! We will never forget you, Raquel!”.