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Violence in Haiti rages: 9 dead

Port au Prince, Haiti.

The political crisis in Haiti is exacerbated by a week of violent protests yesterday demanding the resignation of the president Jovenel Moise, which have left at least nine dead.

Demonstrators, the great majority of them young men, went out yesterday in a massive way to the streets of the capital to insist on the resignation of Moise, who remains silent after his call for dialogue, which is rejected by several sectors of the opposition, while violence increases.

A man died yesterday and several people, including a journalist from the newspaper Le Nouvelliste, were injured during the violent clashes between the demonstrators, who threw stones, and the police, who responded by shooting, in the vicinity of the National Palace.

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On the other hand, demonstrators in Delmas, to the south of the capital, they tried to burn the headquarters of the state channel, so it was necessary the intervention of the firemen and the police.

Given the panorama of uncertainty and insecurity that the nation is experiencing and amid the chaos of the last hours, many embassies, including Spain and Mexico, have suspended the consular service, while others such as Canada and the Dominican Republic are closed.

The first Minister, Jean Henry Céant, convened a council of ministers; In addition, it was reported that Chancellor Edmond Bocchit is in Washington to discuss the situation with US National Security Advisor, John Bolton.

$ 2

With less than this amount a day, more than half of the 10 million inhabitants of Haiti survive.

Assad Volcy, one of the leaders of the opposition, said that "there is no going back. We have to solve the problem of inequality and hunger, "adding that it is" the end of a system that wants to finish an entire generation. "

Senator Youri Latortue, a former ally of Jovenel Moise, called on the president to resign "to avoid chaos and more blood." "It's a popular insurrection: Haitians occupy the streets and it's clear that Jovenel has no choice but to resign," said Prophète Hilaire, one of the protesters.



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