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They had been arrested Tuesday in Moselle by the antiterrorist services. Four men were indicted on Saturday night for "criminal terrorist criminal conspiracy" and weapons law offenses in connection with a terrorist enterprise. Two of the men, including the main suspect, were remanded in custody. In telephone conversations, they had talked about projects, including tackling Emmanuel Macron. "The project of attack does not seem successful but we still find against the backdrop of the commemoration of 11-November," said Tuesday a source close to the investigation at AFP. The public prosecutor's office opened a preliminary inquiry as early as 31 October.

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According to France 2, which quotes a source close to the investigation, the suspects would have confessed. The attack was scheduled Wednesday, November 7 in Charleville-Mezieres (Ardennes), where went the President of the Republic as part of commemorations of the centenary of the Great War. "We really intervened just before an imminent action", adds the same source to the chain.

These "sympathizers of the ultra-righteous", "with survivalist tendency", were followed by the intelligence services, according to a source close to the file at AFP. Firearms were found at the homes of the suspects.

A displacement causing the arrests

It is because one of them, Jean-Pierre B., domiciled in Isère (south-east), moved "in the east" of France, whereas Emmanuel Macron was there for the commemorations, that the services of the Directorate General of Internal Security (DGSI) intervened, according to the source close to the file. Arrested in Moselle, Jean-Pierre B. was in particular in possession of a dagger. Media portrays him as the alleged leader of the group. Aged 62, this former wooden merchant is described as close to identity groups called "FFU" (French forces unified) and "Les Barjols". He himself animated the Facebook page of "Barjols" for the department of Isère, according to Franceinfo and The Parisian.

In total, six suspects between the ages of 22 and 62 had been arrested by the ISB during this surge led by ultra-thoroughfare, the third in eighteen months. Two of them, a man arrested in Ille-et-Vilaine and a 61-year-old woman arrested in a small village in the Isère, saw their custody lifted Thursday and Friday.

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