+++ VIP News +++: With a prominent witness at his side: ESC star Michael Schulte has married


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ESC star Michael Schulte got married Sunday, June 10, 2018, 10:28 am: Around one month after his success at the ESC, musician Michael Schulte (28) got married , “We did it !! #married”, Schulte wrote on Saturday on Instagram , In addition he posted a photo of himself in a white shirt and black bow tie and his wife Katharina in front of the church. Best man was Schultes musician Max Giesinger (29, “80 million”). According to a report by the “Weser-Kurier” many fans waited in front of the Old Town Hall in Buxtehude for the bride and groom. With his song “You Let Me Walk Alone”, the singer landed at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon surprisingly in fourth place. In late summer, Schulte becomes a father for the first time. Pop singer Martin Hein denounced: “Young girlfriend is more important to him than his son” Saturday, June 9, 2018, 9:52 pm: Tanja Lasch has been living apart from her husband since fall, “Fantasy” singer Martin Hein. Now she makes heavy charges against the 42-year-old, who now has an 18-year-younger girlfriend – and refers mainly to the common teenage son Luca. “Martin hardly cares about his son, he did not even come to Luca’s youth consecration earlier in the month, so whenever Martin talks about an intact patchwork family, that’s a lie, his young girlfriend seems to be more important to him than Luca,” the 43-year-old said. Year old the “Image” -Newspaper. Schlageringer Hein showed little understanding: “I can not cancel a concert for a family party in 2000. It was agreed that Tanya takes care of the Jugendweihe.” He also gave his 14-year-old son an e-bike. The divorce of the two is to be completed in December. In the video: Sarah Lombardi has a new friend – Pietro congratulates promptly


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