Viral, 413 LPDP Scholarship Recipients Refuse to Return to Indonesia, Sri Mulyani Gives Striking Satire

JAKARTA, SUMEKS.CO – Viral on social media, screenshots of conversations containing alleged LPDP scholarship recipients, refusing to return to Indonesia.

Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani asked hundreds of LPDP scholarship recipients to return to Indonesia.

It is the Twitter account @VeritasArdentur which reveals the alleged deliberate acceptance of LPDP in the UK who are reluctant to return.

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This twitter account attaches a screenshot of the conversation. In the chat, they are willing to work hard because they are reluctant to go home.

It is suspected that there were several things that caused them to refuse to go home. Generally, they are husband and wife.

Starting from avoiding taxes, to refusing to give up free school facilities for the children of the awardees while living in the UK.

It turned out that it was true, as many as 413 scholarship recipients or awardees from the Education Fund Management Institution (LPDP) were still stuck abroad.

The number 413 was reported by the Main Director of LPDP RI Andin Hadiyanto that the awardee had a problem and did not fulfill the contract to return to Indonesia.

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Sri Mulyani said that she often worried that if someone got smarter and went to study abroad, they kept forgetting to be Indonesian.

Even though at the beginning of the selection, scholarship recipients or awardees were asked to commit to serving the country after completing their education.

It’s in the LPDP agreement if alumni after completing their studies are obliged to contribute to Indonesia.

At least calculated based on two lectures and plus one consecutive year.

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