Viral, a young man has fun playing online slot gambling beside his father’s body

AROUND CIBUBUR – A short video showing a young man engrossed in playing online slot gambling in front of his father’s corpse has drawn public attention.

Not looking sad and feeling guilty, the young man looked relaxed while playing online slot gambling in front of the corpse.

The moment that was shared by the @KomisiJudi account on Twitter, in 2021, went viral again after the widespread news of online slot gambling that disturbed the public.

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In the less than a minute long video, a coffin appears in the middle of a room.

Beside the coffin filled with flowers, containing the corpse lying stiff, neatly wearing a suit, a young man sits holding a smartphone.

It’s just that when approached, the young man who was suspected of being the child of the corpse was actually engrossed in playing online gambling. In fact, casually, he brought the smartphone screen closer to his father’s corpse.

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Visible virtual slot machine that spins, then stops and shows the numbers. He admitted he was looking for the jackpot.