Viral Facebook: Pacho and Atenuski meet again after several months of quarantining the coronavirus COVID-19 Entel | Youtube Video

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Viral. As you recall, a cell phone brand advertisement surprised thousands of Peruvians by staging two characters who won the love of many. Pacho and Atenuski They touched the hearts of Internet users by starring in the situation that millions of citizens experience in this quarantine. The distance separated them, and therefore, they only communicated through video calls.

Now, these characters once again grab social networks, since they met again to be together. Prior to this event, they respected the sanitation protocols that were required for their little granddaughter to move in with him.

The video that was shared on Facebook shows the emotional meeting they have Pacho and Atenuski. The hundreds of comments from the aforementioned social network were not lacking and in just a few hours after being published on the official Entel page, it already has more than 2,000 reactions.

But who is Pacho really? This famous personality who has won the sympathy of users is nothing more and nothing less than an ex-athlete who represented Peru in the 60s.

Roberto Abugattás, former sportsman, had several achievements, being four times South American champion, five times Bolivarian champion and participating in the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964 and Mexico in 1968.

Said achievements were enough for him to have sporting laurels in the rank of Second Officer. Named Knight of Sport and Great Athlete by the South American Athletics Confederation, World Ambassador for Peace, and last but not least, the Congress of the Republic awarded him the Medal of Honor in the degree of Grand Cross.



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