Viral Moment Rayyanza Eats with Mackerel Side Dishes, Netizens: Our Food is the Same as Pung

The second son of Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina, Rayyanza Malik Ahmad, is often in the spotlight of netizens. The reason is that the behavior of the toddler who is often called Cipung often makes netizens furious.

Now, Rafatar Malik Ahmad’s younger brother has again caught the public’s attention because of eating mackerel. This moment was shared directly by Rayyanza’s nanny, namely Sus Rini, through her personal TikTok account.

“MasyaAllah, usually eating fish is not whole, now the fish is whole. Just want to just erase the fish head,” he wrote @riniperdiyanti77 as quoted on Wednesday (22/3/2023).

In the short video uploaded by Sus Rini, Rayyanza is seen sitting pretty in a special baby dining chair. While inviting the second son of Sultan Andara to chat, Sus Rini gave Rayyanza a piece of mackerel that was still intact.

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As if he couldn’t wait to eat, Rayyanza ate the mackerel head that Sus Rini had offered him.

This moment immediately made netizens excited. Netizens don’t think that Sultan Andara’s classmate is still eating mackerel.

“Andara also eats mackerel too, like us,” commented netizens.

“At least we have eaten with the same side dishes,” added another netizen.

“In the end, we have something in common with Cipung’s side dishes,” wrote another netizen.

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“It turns out that Rayyanza eats mackerel too,” added another netizen.

“This time we eat the same thing,” commented another netizen.