Viral! Not being evicted, this tiny house is now flanked by roads


–> – A stubborn home owner now has to live a life in the middle of a toll road, after a city in China built a highway bridge around his tiny house.

The owner refused and refused to be evicted to sell his house to the government for a decade. He also refused to accept compensation for his dismantling.

The house is next to the road. (Doc: Guangzhou Daily)

According to The Sun, footage shows the property sandwiched tightly between two wings of the newly opened Haizhuyong Bridge in southern China’s Guangdong province.

The one-story house contains a 40-square-meter flat and is located in a hole in the middle of a four-lane traffic lane, according to Guangdong TV station.

The owner, known by his last name Liang, said he did not agree to move because the government failed to offer him replacement property in an ideal location.

He said: “You think this environment is bad, but I find it calm, liberating, pleasant and comfortable.”

She added that she is happy to face the consequences and doesn’t mind what other people think of her.

He also claimed in an interview recorded by Pear Video that the government had offered him replacement accommodation next to the morgue, and that was the reason he refused.

The Haizhu district government said officials allocated a plot on Huandao Street to be demolished in 2010 to build the Haizhuyong Bridge, reports Guangzhou Daily.

Ms Liang is the only person from a total of 47 households and seven companies still living there.

Authorities claim to have offered residents many different residences as well as cash compensation schemes, but he has rejected all of them.

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