Viral: Schweizer attacked a grilling Bosnian with a fire extinguisher and a pickaxe

innocent lamb

“Stop it now!” the attacker yells in rage and threatens to point his ax at the neighbor. While the latter uses his cell phone to inform the police about the incident, the other rages: “Jugo, the police will arrest you! You know that this is forbidden”. He can record a small success by knocking the stick out of his hand.

While the Bosnian is on the phone with the police, his neighbor carries out his plan and empties the contents of the fire extinguisher on the innocent lamb. “Record that,” shouts another man who witnesses the incident to the Bosnian’s wife. “I recorded everything,” replies the woman who recorded everything from the balcony.

It is not known how quickly the police arrived at the scene of the crime and who now has to pay for the damage.