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Viral: The owner of a rural hotel denounces Pastor Nel Caedo for the threats he made in a viral video

Far from moving away, the storm increases. The owner of the rural hotel who days ago denounced the noise made by a chicken coop located near his establishment and that did not let his clients sleep, has again resorted to Justice.On this occasion, he has been sued against Nel Cañedo, the pastor known for his viral videos on the Internet and who launched a video in which he criticized the attitude of the innkeeper.The video, posted on Youtube, accumulates more than half a million views.

During the five minutes that the video lasts, Cañedo goes so far as to say that the owner of the hotel who reported the owner of the chicken coop appeared in a photo in the newspaper "con pecho palomo"."I wanted to go and sink a shovel in the chest",assured the shepherd "youtuber". That is one of the phrases that the innkeeper has incorporated in his complaint alleging that this constitutes a threat.

It was the City Council of Cangas de Onís that finally forced Fernando Villaroel to close the henhouse.But the owner of this facility refused days ago to remove the animals and request a new measurement of noise to certify if it is really his roosters that pass the decibels preventing the rest of the tourists.The measurements by which the henhouse was decreed were from 10 o'clock on the night of February 5, 2019 until eight o'clock in the morning of the following day. They left no room for doubt. 72.4 decibels were recorded.

"It is not clear that my animals are causing the noise because there are more people who have pitas in the area and sparrows that sing loudly",The affected person then affirmed (in this link you have all his statements). The owner of the hotel had already requested in September 2018 the Ministry of the Environment a measurement of noise after the Local Police of the province of Burgos declared that it lacked a sound level meter and a qualified technician to carry it out.

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