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Updated 02/22/2023 08:19 PM m.

Many were extremely concerned when a video began circulating on Twitter where Don Francisco appeared, supposedly, working as a taxi driver by application, for which many were concerned about the economic situation of the popular Chilean presenter when the clip was made viral on social networks.

It all happened when, from his Instagram account, alberto sardines he shared one of his trips through a taxi application where we see him extremely surprised with the driver, because he has a face that is very familiar to him, in fact, the subject does not hesitate to exclaim: “Your face is familiar to me, mister driver”.

The man only answers: “I’m doing Uber from today… I started today, this is my third trip”says the man as he drives through the streets of Miamiwhose route is taking longer than it should: “It took us 17 minutes to get there, normally this trip lasts 45 minutes, of course I came 90 miles away, but it doesn’t matter, I pay the ticket”says our Don Francisco.

Watch the viral video here

Traveling with “Don Francisco”

However, what is hidden behind the viral video is that the taxi driver is not Don Franciscoit is about a man very similar to the mythical presenter of “Giant Saturday”who decided to play along with the subject knowing that he was recording it, assuring that he I would leave a good tip to twice the Chilean.

For this reason, in the comment box, many thought it was a joke from the presenter, others did not believe it: “He is mounted on millions to do that”, “I don’t know if it’s you, but I don’t see anything wrong with you. At the end of the day, it’s work”, “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, “this is how he distracts himself and always being happy that characterizes his smile”, “congratulations to Don Francisco for his new experience”, “the driver’s watch costs 60 thousand Dollars”.