Viral: [VER FOTO VIRAL] Store owner refuses to take out stray dog

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Updated on 07/18/2020 at 07:24

It is known that stray dogs go through many difficulties and sometimes put their lives at risk by feeding or being under a roof. Precisely a homeless dog in Brazil starred in a viral story in Facebook following a viral photo. Find out the details in this note.

It happens that the dog had entered the shoe store, located in the city of Recife, to protect itself from a torrential rain that fell outside. For this reason, he entered the place, leaned on a corner and fell asleep to the surprise of the visitors and workers.

Soon after, a customer came to the store and, after finding the dog resting near the shoe shelves, asked the owner of the store for explanations. “A little annoyed, the woman asked the manager if it was not ugly for the establishment for a stray dog ​​to sleep inside”, explains the Planeta Cachorro Facebook page.

The man’s response ended up going viral and causing applause from thousands of users. Very calmly, the owner replied that “It would be ugly to leave the dog outside in the rain to get wet. It will stay here until it stops raining. ”

The owner of the store earned the praise of Internet users from different parts of the world, who emphasized his generosity and argued that it should be recognized and imitated. The story quickly went viral in Facebook.



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