Viral, Video Allegedly Fake Police Raids Vehicles in Central Jakarta, This is what the Police Chief says – A video narrating that a fake or fake police officer is conducting a raid on vehicle documents in Central Jakarta has gone viral on social media.

In the video, a man is seen wearing an official uniform and a red vest like the Sabhara Corps with the words “Police” on the back.

One of the videos was uploaded by this Instagram account, Saturday (30/7/2022).

“There is a viral video circulating that allegedly fake police are raiding vehicle documents that pass around Roxy, Cideng, Central Jakarta City,” write the account owner.

The fake police suspect was seen stopping a car on the side of the road.


? original sound – Intan Maulina?

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Later, a woman in another car filmed the action.

“Guys, there are cops but not real cops,” said the video recorder.

After the recorder’s car position was close to the fake police suspect, he opened the car window.

“Wow, you’re not a real cop, woy uh, don’t want him not a real cop. He’s not a real cop,” shouted the video recorder alerting the driver to a stop.

The recorder also accompanied the description in the video he uploaded.

“Everyone, be careful. I was stopped by this person at Roxy in the Cideng area. He claimed to be a police officer but he wasn’t. At that time I couldn’t record the incident because I was still in shock. What was wrong with me being stopped because I wanted to check my papers. “

“And because I told the Police family he was scared and left immediately! Since that incident, I really wanted to see him again!! Hopefully this person will be caught quickly! A la Cideng area patrol in the direction of Tanah Abang!!!”

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So, what is the explanation of the Central Jakarta Metro Police?

Central Jakarta Metro Police Chief said

The Head of the Central Jakarta Metro Resort Police (Kapolres) Sr. Comr. (Kombes) Komarudin said that his party was still investigating the incident related to the viral video.

“We are investigating,” said Komarudin, when confirmed via WhatsApp message, Sunday (31/7/2022) afternoon.

Furthermore, he admitted that he had dispatched the Police Internal Security (Paminal) to the scene to investigate the incident.

Including asking for information from the community around the scene.

“I have sent down the paminal to the location, and asked for information from people around,” said Komarudin.

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