Viral Video Bus Strikes because You Have to Turn Off the Engine at a Gas Station

JAKARTA, – Not long ago there was a video showing the bus standing still due to a low battery after filling diesel at the gas station. This video was uploaded by Amung Supirulin’s account on Tiktok, Wednesday (1/6/2022).

This is the result when filling up the engine the engine must be turned off. After filling up the diesel fuel, the engine short battery can’t be turned on. So hinder, hinder,” he said in the video quoted, Wednesday (2/6/2022).

Complained about the difference in rules at several gas stations. There are gas stations that allow buses to keep their engines running when filling diesel fuel, but there are also those that have to turn off the engine.

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In addition to preventing incidents such as the above, the reason the bus driver does not turn off the engine is also because it considers passenger comfort.

When the bus engine dies, the air conditioner in the cabin also turns off, moreover, filling the diesel bus takes a long time, considering the tank capacity is hundreds of liters. So passengers can be hot and stuffy while waiting for refueling

Another reason is that diesel is actually not as sensitive as gasoline, which is flammable. To make diesel burn, it requires high pressure or compression, so many vehicles filled with diesel do not turn off the engine.

However, the procedure for refueling at gas stations for both diesel and gasoline vehicles still has to turn off the engine. As said by Imin, Head of Pertamina gas station MT Haryono.

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Imin said that when the bus was charging Solar, it still had to be turned off. Worried about easy fire that comes from the heat of the engine.

“Worried that when the bus doesn’t turn off the engine, the hot steam from the bus engine can trigger a fire when it encounters other vehicle fuel vapors,” Imin said. Kompas.comsome time ago.

Gas stations are also prohibited areas for sources of fire and heat. So for all vehicles that want to refuel, must turn off the engine.

“The rule is that if the vehicle does not turn off the engine, it will not be served. Because of the danger of starting a fire from gasoline vapors meeting the engine’s heat, several fires have occurred because of this,” said Imin.

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