Viral, Video of RSHS Bandung Patient Allegedly Abandoned to Death, Here’s the Situation

BANDUNG, – A patient who died at Hasan Sadikin Hospital (RSHS) Bandung went viral on social media, one of which was on the Tiktok account @Risalunaqueen, Thursday (19/5/2022).

There are two videos uploaded by the account before the patient died.

The condition of the patient drops, the oxygen runs out but the doctors and nurses never replace the oxygen with a new one so the patient dies, after the patient dies the oxygen is replaced, is this hospital service to the patient? write the account in the upload.

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The first video shows a female patient being treated and using oxygen aids. Then the recorder who claimed to be her husband said that the officer had been negligent in carrying out his duties.

“We’ll see because of this officer. The officer is negligent. What’s the point, sir, look at my wife. I’ve been told, the gas has run out… Anyway, if anything goes wrong with my wife, I demand all of you“said the man who recorded the incident in a voice shaking with emotion.

Family Explanation

Arif Susanto, who is the patient’s husband, said his wife, Asih Sekarningsih, was diagnosed with end-stage skin cancer nine months ago.

Previously, Asih was treated at the Santo Yusuf Hospital, Bandung City.

Due to limited medical equipment, the patient was referred to Hasan Sadikin Hospital (RSHS) Bandung and has been receiving intensive care since Wednesday (11/5/2022).

The problem started when Arif admitted that it was difficult to get access to oxygen for his wife.

On Saturday (14/5/2022), Arif, who was taking care of his wife alone, had asked the officers to replace the oxygen because it was running out. However, admitted Arif, the duty officer was less responsive.

“So it took a long time for the officers to handle it. Some of the officers slept when I asked for oxygen,” said Arif, Friday (20/5/2022).

Similar conditions occurred again on Tuesday (17/5/2022).

At that time, Arif’s wife was again in critical condition with the oxygen cylinder running low. At that time Arif looked after his parents.

The mother went to the nurse’s room to ask for oxygen replacement.

However, the patient’s family complaint again received the same treatment. Nurses are considered slow in handling patient complaints. Until finally Arif’s wife was declared dead.

“The nurse just said let (later). When the oxygen ran out, my wife was immediately critical,” said Arif.

“Just saying oh. When I checked my wife’s oxygen ran out and she couldn’t help it. So before she replaced her oxygen, she died,” he added.

Annoyed, Arif finally recorded the situation in the patient’s room. Arif also recorded this incident and had an argument that made the atmosphere in the treatment room boisterous.

Explanation of Hasan Sadikin Hospital (RSHas) Bandung

On Friday (20/5/2022), RSHS Bandung held a press conference to provide an explanation of the incident.

The Acting Director of RSHS, Yana Akhmad, denied Arif’s accusation that nurses were negligent in handling patients.

According to Yana, all treatments to patients are carried out according to procedures.

The hospital denied that there was a delay in changing oxygen cylinders for patients, as narrated in the video.

Yana has also analyzed the video with all the staff involved in treating the patient.

Yana expressed her condolences for the death of the patient who had been treated.

“We have seen the services we provide to our patients, including the patients in the viral video, according to procedures. In accordance with the service standards at Hasan Sadikin Hospital,” Yana said in a virtual press conference.

“From the patient coming to the ER, then we provide services or inpatient care, until the patient dies, that’s what we provide according to standards, according to procedures,” said Yana.

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Based on the analysis of the video and the officer’s statement, Yana said the oxygen for the patient was not running out.

In fact, Yana said, in the video it can be seen that the oxygen cylinder is still filled, as can be seen from the number indicator in the tube.

“There are oxygen cylinders, there are masks that are put on the patient, and there is a channel for the mask, it’s still inflated, meaning it’s still filled with air,” Yana explained.

“If you look at the tube, you can see that there are numbers indicating how much oxygen is in there, so it’s not empty.”

In fact, said Yana, because the patient’s condition was quite serious, the nurse also placed the patient according to the emergency condition.

“In the patient’s treatment room, oxygen cylinders have been prepared to anticipate oxygen cylinders being used up, it can be seen in the video. Furthermore, since the patient’s family has been in the ER, we have conveyed our standard SOP procedures, which have been explained, educated, regarding the actual condition of the patient,” he said. .

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