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A video viral on Instagram, which has been replicated in different social networks, perfectly sums up the popular adage “Practice makes a master” by showing the impressive result of a training fight between a shaolin monk and a fighter from Mixed martial arts (MMA).

In the images shared in Instagram by the former American wrestler of the UFC Urijah Faber the opponents are observed about to exchange blows, but the monk only had enough to connect a kick to send his opponent to the canvas. In the end, both of them shake hands as a sign of mutual respect.

“I am not afraid of the monk who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the monk who has practiced a kick 10,000 times.”, he claimed Faber to explain to his followers of Instagram what happens in the video viral, which to date accumulates more than 33,000 ‘Likes’ and hundreds of comments.

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Urijah Christopher Faber used to compete in the bantamweight class at Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC, for its acronym in English) and retired in 2016 and then returned to competition again in 2019 defeating Ricky Simón by a TKO in the first round, as reported Wikipedia.



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