Viral video: they got tired of their friend not paying the rent and threw her out on the street | Chronicle

In the social networks they go viral frequently different unusual stories . On this occasion, a footage went viral where two women showed how they kicked their friend out of the house where they lived because she did not pay the rent for three months. This clip generated a great discussion on the internet and many were angered by his actions.

The event happened in USA. The user @ ludwid6 was the one who shared the clip on the social network of TikTok. last October 6. In the recording, you can see the two young women who lived with their friend gather the belongings of the alleged debtor, and then leave them outside the apartment.

In the video, you can see the step by step of the eviction, where they placed her friend’s things in different boxes and then took them off the property. But that was not all. But also they decided to change the lock on the front door so her friend wouldn’t try to re-enter.

Girls ‘night out idea: kick out your roommate and send her things to her parents’ home because she didn’t pay the rent for three months“said the young woman in the clip that quickly went viral.

Also, a day after the first publication, on October 7, he shared another clip where you can see his former partner’s empty room and the moment when some moving workers take her furniture. Between things there was a bed, a sofa, chairs, tables, a bedside table and nightstands, among other articles.

The first recording received 6.3 million views, more than a million likes and more than 7 thousand comments. Among which it can be seen that a great debate was generated by the attitude of kicking a friend out of the house they shared and especially by filming the entire process.

This is how several users are aware of their choice to share this situation and pointed out that filming it was already wrong but publishing it was even worse. “Posting this on TikTok seems like a bad thing to me“Said a young woman. In addition, others indicated that they were very bad with their partner and that she could just as easily retaliate legally for their actions.

For your part, uA large number of people were in favor of the two young women: “They were very nice to her. I would have directly thrown the belongings out the window after three months like this. You are very good, you lost time and money in the move“said one user.”Everyone has to know that three months is quite a tolerance time, some people would kick the others after 1 month“added another.

They realize that they probably had to pay out of their own money to cover the rent.“Said a third party. Finally, the TikTok user clarified that they told the other young woman that they were going to evict if she did not deposit the money she owed from the rent. As they implied, They got no response from their former roommate.