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Updated on 07/22/2020 at 19:20

A video reveals the moment when a bear pounces on a tourist, who, far from panicking, decided take the opportunity to take a selfie with the animal. The incredible scene recorded by a witness soon became a trend in the main social networks.

In the images published on social networks, it can be seen that two young people were walking along a path in the Chipinque Ecological Park, in Nuevo León, Mexico, when they were surprised by a black bear. The animal approached one of them and pounced to sniff it.

To the surprise of those present, she knew how to keep calm to avoid frightening the animal. Soon after, she picked up her phone and took a selfie next to the plantigrade, leaving those responsible for the recording stunned.

The clip turned viral and unleashed all kinds of reactions among users, who believe that the animal that appears in images would have been domesticated to deal with tourists.



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