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Virginie Calmels, the end of a political parenthesis

The date was not chosen at random. During a luncheon, Alain Juppé informs Virginie Calmels, for a long time his first assistant in Bordeaux and president of the big city, of the possibility of becoming one of the "wise men" of the Constitutional Council. Confidence for confidence, the former director of Endemol France admits that she will return to the private sphere within a large group, probably active in the field of audiovisual media, with which she signed but which she continues until today to silence the name. Moreover, his decision has already been taken for ten days after long discussions and negotiations.

"It's mouthing, is not it?"

The day the appointment of the mayor of Bordeaux is confirmed rue de Montpensier, Virginie Calmels announces, for its part, its withdrawal from politics. "I found that announcing it the same day was a nice symbol. I came to politics with Alain Juppé, I leave at the same time as him. It's mouthing, is not it? " smiles the one who, besides a professional opportunity, invokes a family life based on Paris. Both had to announce their respective withdrawals two weeks later. Juppé, because he did not want to do the job too much. Calmels, because the signature at the bottom of the contract with his future employer was acquired. "The schedule took us by surprise and we had to speed up the tempo. For me politics has always been a mission but never a job »explains the head of the company who has always struggled to find its marks in the political world and has constantly campaigned for "More bridges between the political world, the citizen world and the private sphere". She says, however, that she will retain the chairmanship of the LR-CPNT (Hunting, Fishing, Nature and Traditions) group of opposition to the Regional Council.

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But "the pretty symbol" evoked by Virginie Calmels hides badly qSince the presidential campaign, relations between Alain Juppé and her had deteriorated somewhat. In December 2016, she founded her own movement "the right lib", incarnation of an entrepreneurial right, resolutely liberal. She supports Fillon in the presidential election. When he is caught up in the business, she press Alain Juppé, his mentor, to embody the plan B. Without success. In December 2017, she supported Laurent Wauquiez 'candidacy for the presidency of LR, although she was very far away on the merits. It is justified by arguing "Its complementarity" with whoever will become the boss of the right. In private, Alain Juppé reacts strongly enough to the turnaround of the jacket he has long considered his possible runner up in Bordeaux. The Duck reports then that projection that Juppe will deny having held: "Virginie Calmels is the Endemol logic. It pays her, she goes there. She has no principles. She has teeth scratching the floor. " A relative of Juppé sums up today: "Virginie Calmels in politics is the itinerary of a child spoiled and bitter and more."

Seal the break

With Laurent Wauquiez, the idyll then staged at the foot of Mount Mézenc in Haute-Loire lasted for a semester. During her rally, she defends herself "To be a surety or an alibi". Once elected, the president of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region named her number 2 of the party with the title of vice-president. She then thinks it is Wauquiez's desire to rally. Bad pick. In June, the distribution by LR of a leaflet for "France remains France" will seal the break between the party president and Virginie Calmels. In an interview without concession to Parisianshe takes off: "I sincerely believed Laurent Wauquiez's desire to meet and I supported his proposals, because I am for a strong ruler. Since his election, he shows as days pass that he seems to be only there to defend his own line. He believes that he owes his election only in his presence. I do not share that vision. " Opinion polls tend to prove that the Wauquiez strategy is a failure and Virginie Calmels has the good luck today to denounce "A general political climate that lacks breath" to justify his return to the world the business.

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