Virologist Hendrik Streeck considers new corona regulations to be “illogical” – politics

– New measures to protect against infection are to be enforced from October. The decisions of the federal government are now being criticized in an interview by virologist Hendrick Streeck.

In conversation with Stern-TV Moderator Dieter Könnes formulated Streeck’s concerns about the new decisions of the federal government. According to him, the regulations are inconsistent. While masks are now compulsory on buses and trains, mouth and nose protection can be omitted on the plane. Hendrick Streeck thinks the measures are more of a compromise between Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) and Justice Minister Marco Buschmann (FDP).

The virologist is particularly skeptical about the handling of country politics. Because there are no specific guidelines for the state governments. Federal states can adapt measures individually depending on the infection process. Streeck expresses his concern: In autumn there could be inconsistent regulations for the third time or even an outbidding competition.

For the Corona expert, more personal responsibility should now be placed. Especially at the Oktoberfest, he noticed the insecurity of the visitors. Streeck thus shows understanding for the lifting of the mask requirement at the Wiesn. “We can’t spend the rest of our lives worrying.” he explains on Sunday evening. Nevertheless, according to the Bonn virologist, there will be an increase in infections. However, severe courses should remain low due to the high level of immunization in the population.