Virtual events and a march: this is how it will be lived on May 1 – Informed, upon return

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Left parties, social organizations and unions will hold commemorations on this May 1, virtual events with transmission on line and solidarity actions for International Workers’ Day, in an emergency context due to the coronavirus pandemic that prevents the concentrations and mobilizations that take place every year on this date.

The legislator in Córdoba for the MST, Luciana Echevarría, said in dialogue with Chain 3 which is a “different” May Day that forces us to look for other ways to connect and demonstrate.

“Today more than ever it is important to remember this day for the situation of millions of workers in an increasingly critical situation. That is why it is important to think about substantive proposals and solutions to change this situation we are experiencing, “he reflected.

Today more than ever it is important to remember this day for the situation of millions of workers

This Friday, starting at 11, from the facilities of a factory recovered from La Matanza, the Combative Class Current (CCC), the Confederation of Workers of the Popular Economy (CTEP), the Evita Movement, Barrios de Pie, the CTA Autonomous and representatives of various SMEs will hold an event with various speakers that will be broadcast online by the signal of Youtube who owns the site Open Channel.

These groups confirmed to Telam that there will be several speakers at this event, in which the presence of the national deputy Juan Carlos Alderete, the secretary general of ATE, Hugo Godoy and the leader of the Union of Workers of the Popular Economy (UTEP), Estaban Castro, among other union leaders.

“There will be speakers from various organizations and unions but we do not want to give details about places because we are in isolation and we want to avoid mobilizations,” CCC spokespeople told this agency.

For its part, the Left Front will commemorate, from 3 pm, the International Workers’ Day with a virtual event with the participation by videoconferences of speakers from 14 countries in Latin America, Europe and the United States that will be broadcast on social networks and Web platforms that manage the forces that make up that political space.

For this, there will be a simultaneous connection with several countries that will include translations into English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

The national deputy of the PTS Nicolás del Caño will close the event with a speech that he will deliver starting at 5:00 pm, and before that Romina del Plá of the Partido Obrero, Celeste Fierro of the MST and Juan Carlos Giordano of Izquierda Socialista will speak.

Meanwhile, the Tendency of the Partido Obrero, a sector of that political force led by Jorge Altamira and Marcelo Ramal and which is facing the national leadership embodied by Del Plá, Néstor Pitrola and Gabriel Solano, will also hold an online commemoration of the May 1st.

They will intervene, among others, Jorgelina Signa, former PO councilor and nurse at Eva Perón de Granadero Baigorria hospital, in Santa Fe, and from abroad, Ricardo Vásquez, a militant and union and from the Revolutionary Workers Party (POR) of Chile; Álvaro Soto, leader of the Workers’ Party (PT) of Uruguay, and Delia Carboni, from the Organization of Revolutionary Women Workers of Italy, and Raffaele di Blasio, from the Prospettiva Operaia group also from that country, will also speak.

While Altamira will close the exhibitions that will begin at 14, on the social networks of the page of Workers ‘Policy and Tendency of the Workers’ Party.

The leader of the New MAS Manuela Castañeira will greet the workers in her day through a message, starting at 5:00 pm, via streaming that will be transmitted on her Facebook page and in her Instagram.

With the slogan “the pots cannot be left empty”, the social organizations of the Neighborhood Front December 19, Front of Popular Organizations, Social Front October 17 and the Coordinator of Neighborhoods of the Popular Economy, members of the union of the Workers Union of the Popular Economy (UTEP) announced that they will mount “hundreds of popular pots” at various points in the country at noon.

“We chose this way of doing it because we are focused on containment tasks in the most humble neighborhoods to face the social emergency that macrism left us,” they said in a statement.

In the City of Buenos Aires, there will be popular pots in Piedrabuena 3500, in the Villa Lugano neighborhood, In Agustín de Vedia 2691, Bajo Flores, and there will also be solidarity points in the Buenos Aires parties of Hurlingham, San Martín, Avellaneda, La Plata and Ensenada , according to organizations.

On Saturday, May 2, social groups of the Barrial Front of the CTA, the Piquetero Party and the United and Organized group and several work cooperatives will carry out a solidarity action that will consist of donating chinstraps, kitchen items and part of their fruit and vegetable production so that “In each dining room and picnic area popular pots are made with delivery of viands”.

The Polo Obrero, despite the restrictions on movement imposed by social, preventive and compulsory isolation, will march to Plaza de Mayo from 11 am to denounce “the serious situation in the neighborhoods.”

“Food is lacking in the midst of this pandemic and that is what we want to report. We are not against quarantine but we want to report a situation that is deteriorating more and more due to the lack of food that does not reach the dining rooms,” he told Telam Eduardo Belliboni.

Faced with the impossibility of carrying out acts, the CGT issued a statement on Thursday in which it extended “a warm and fraternal greeting to all Argentine workers.”

The workers’ union highlighted “especially” the workers “who are putting their bodies in the first line of fire, risking their health and that of their families to guarantee essential services, which allow us to wage the daily battle against this invisible enemy. which is the Covid-19 “.



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