Virtual me: Whatsapp starts avatars


Virtual me: Whatsapp starts avatars

More personal than emojis: With 36 different avatar stickers, the digital me is well positioned in chats.


December 14, 2022 at 4:07 p.m

Emojis are popular for expressing feelings in chats. If you want to present yourself more strongly, you can use the avatar – the personalized emoji. It is now also available on Whatsapp.

In the WhatsApp messenger app, avatars can now also be used as stickers in chats. Users can also use their avatar as a Whatsapp profile photo if they don’t want to show a real picture of themselves there or want to remain anonymous, as the Whatsapp mother Meta reports.

Various basic avatar types can be customized with many features from hairstyles to outfits. It is then possible to create a set of 36 personalized stickers that show your own avatar with different emotions or actions. Meta wants to keep working on the styles, light, shadows and textures of the graphics.

Avatar, Memoji oder AR-Emoji

Users also encounter virtual representatives elsewhere: Apple introduced them a long time ago as Memojis for the news app and Facetime.

The same applies to the AR emojis from Samsung: On many of the South Koreans’ smartphones, the camera can capture the main features of one’s own face such as eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks and forehead and use this information to create a 3D avatar.