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Presidential election – I do not avoid the debate, but I want it to take place on fair terms – said President Andrzej Duda in an interview with Polsat. “The point is for everyone to see the debate,” he said.

– This is the most important thing: what will Poland be like? Whether it was as it was until 2015, when VAT was raised or money was taken from OFE – said Andrzej Duda in the “Guest of Events” program during the merger with Nowa Sol, where the president is campaigning.

– If Mr. Rafał Trzaskowski runs to the station that promotes him and sets a date, it is unacceptable – said Duda. Referring to the words of the opposition, which calls him “chic”, the president said: “it was a kind of attack.” – I answered him very calmly. It is not that one private station will manage the debate – he emphasized.

– This is a total violation of political habits. This is not a cultural policy. It’s political gangster – he commented. He added that the three largest stations should organize the debate.



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