If a medical student got to see a surgery using Virtual Reality, as if I had the eyes of the surgeon, you could learn a lot more than watching presentations of a PowerPoint. We are in a phase in which there is that to avoid the crowds, the approach with other human beings, and that makes the issue of education suffer quite a bit.

To work at this point, a hospital in Japan is using virtual reality to approximate your day-to-day to the students, and the result is amazing.

The internal surgical that may not have access to operating rooms will be able to use the Smart Cyber Operation Theatre (SCOT, submitted in 2017 in this link) of the Tokyo Women’s Medical University. In that room, looks at how to use technology to improve the medical security, efficiency and results, and for this apply robotics, data collection, and artificial intelligence. They have now also implemented virtual reality.

What they do is to use cameras Insta360 with the software Insta360 8K Live and the solutions VR of Hacosco to perform a live broadcast immersive for students of medicine and other physicians have the experience of seeing an operation in real time from the perspective of the surgeon. You can read the details in insta360.com.

camera insta360
Used camera on the surgeon’s table

The implemented solution allows to have a field of vision never before seen in the operating room, but all of this without blocking the field of vision of the surgeon, of course. In these moments two external observers can view the surgery in real-time using Virtual Reality goggles, but this number could be expanded potentially in the future.

This recording in 8K can be saved and recorded to be shared in the future at conferences and in classes of medical education (hopefully at some point it is possible to access these videos in a large database available to all medical Universities in the world).

This is not the first time that we talk of solutions of Virtual Reality in the medical world, and it seems that will not be the last.


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