A fifth child was infected with a virus outbreak in a Camden district long-term care facility, state health commissioner Shereef Elnahal said Monday.

The outbreak at the Voorhees Pediatric Facility in South Jersey is unrelated to the outbreak that claimed 10 young lives at the Wanaque Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in northern Passaic County.

The hospital-acquired adenovirus is to blame in both places, but the burden seen in Voorhees is not as virulent as that in Haskell, the health department said.

Vooehees and Wanaque serve children who need to be cared for around the clock, and who usually rely on technology to help them breathe and eat.

The second virus outbreak hits the second child health facility of N.J. with 4 children

"The department and local health partners are working with the facility to make infection control recommendations and identify other potential diseases since the department's creation on October 26 reported a case of an adenovirus in a resident," Elnahal said.

More cases could develop, the department said. So far, the onset of the disease began on October 20, and the most recent illness was reported on October 29, the department said.

A message for Voorhees & # 39; administrator Scott Goldberg was not returned immediately.

In a November 2 news release on the institution's website, three of the facility's four residents recovered.

"Voorhee's Pediatric Facility is aggressively working to stem the virus," the press release said, calling the adenovirus strain "mild."

The health department's specific burden, although not yet identified, is not Type 7, which can lead to death and was identified at the plant in Wanaque, the press release said.

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