“Virus will stay forever”

In Germany there is still no curfew in the fight against the corona virus. Now Minister of Health Jens Spahn once again appeals to people’s reason.

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) called for people to participate and reason in view of the restrictions in public life in Germany. “My impression is that many want to help and stay at home,” said Spahn in Berlin. But you can also see that not everyone got it.

“I also simply rely on reason,” said Spahn. “If we understand each other what it is about, that if possible everyone can take two, three, four weeks to do without certain things in everyday life.” Parties in the park are not his understanding of solidarity.

Regarding the duration of the measures, Spahn pointed out that the closings of daycare centers, schools and shops, for example, had only been in effect for a few days. “It takes 10, 14 days rather than less before this can be noticed in the statistics.” It was agreed with the prime ministers of the federal states that after Easter they would look together to see how the restrictions would continue. “The virus is there and the virus will stay forever.” It is about slowing the spread.


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